Chelsea Handler Calls Sarah Huckabee Sanders a Prostitute… Then Dad Steps Up & Destroys Her!

By now we all know of Chelsea Handler, the woman who claims to be a comedian, but is really just a bitter Liberal bully who is still whining about the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t win the 2016 Presidential Election. She has no problem spewing complete hatred towards President Trump and his entire administration, but this time she really took it too far.

Handler likes to call herself a feminist, and she’s always on a rant about how women need to come together in order to crush the “patriarchy” that apparently exists in our country. The problem is that she is constantly attacking females who are in any way, shape, or form conservative… especially if those females work for President Donald Trump.

All you have to do is look at the way Handler speaks about White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. She has been rude to Sanders in the past, but what she said recently really crossed the line. During a December 1st episode of her own Netflix show, “Chelsea,” the “comedian” decided to call Sarah Huckabee Sanders a “prostitute.”

Handler had former Clinton administration lawyer and stalwart defender of Democrats, Lanny Davis, on her show that night, and the conversation quickly shifted from talking about what the two believed to be “facts” to Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ looks. Handler’s words were truly disgusting.

She stated, referring to Sanders, “That harlot that they are dressing up and trolloping out every day? I mean, one day she has no makeup on at all, the next she’s got 6-foot-long eyelashes, cleavage, and summer whore lipstick all over her face. Can you believe what they’ve turned her into? A proper trollop.”

In case you weren’t familiar with the word “trollop,” it’s just a fancy word for a prostitute. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as “a vulgar or disreputable woman; especially : one who engages in sex promiscuously or for money.”

It seems that the woman who decided to call another woman such a disgusting name after claiming that she stands up for all women as a feminist ought to take a look in the mirror and reassess her choice in words.

Most Conservatives are aware that Sarah Huckabee Sanders is the daughter of former Arkansas governor and presidential candidate Mike Huckabee. It’s obvious to think that Mike Huckabee would be appalled at someone calling his daughter such a name, but instead of name calling Chelsea Handler, he decided to take a different route. Instead of speaking out in anger, Huckabee seemed sorry for Handler. How can a woman so full of anger live a happy life?

Independent Journal Review reported that Huckabee made a formal response to Handler’s words about his daughter during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.” He stated:

“The things that Chelsea Handler said were vile and vulgar. I’m surprised that there were not women on the left who at least had the decency to call her out for this. But I know you’re probably expecting me to be very angry about it, but truthfully, when I read what she said and then I watched it, I felt sorry for her. I feel sad for Chelsea Handler. She seems like a very angry and bitter person. Look, she’s almost as old as me. So this is at a point of her life she needs to start mellowing out. And she seems to be just in a rage. And the sad thing about it, she boasts about the two abortions she had at 16. I think in many ways, she’s jealous of my daughter. My daughter has a husband who loves her and is wonderful to her. My daughter has three delightful children. She’s a happy, balanced person. She enjoys life. She’s a pretty straight-laced person, goes to church and lives a life Chelsea Handler has never known. And I really think that there’s something deep inside of Chelsea Handler that says, ‘Gee, I’ve missed out on a lot. I could be raising children, but I aborted them. I know that’s harsh, but look, I’m not angry at her. I feel for her, I truly feel sorry for her. And I feel that she’s lashing out at a life that she just doesn’t understand and has never been able to embrace. And that’s sad. So no reason to be angry at Chelsea. Pray for her that she’ll find some peace, because she doesn’t have it right now. It’s pretty evident by her tone of voice that she’s an angry, bitter and frankly lonely person.”

Mike Huckabee’s response is exactly why Conservatives are taking back our country. We are not full of hate as Liberals tend to be. How can a party that claims to accept everyone be doing exclusive and so hurtful to so many? Handler is just one example of the way Liberals say one thing but mean another. Let’s hope she thinks before opening her mouth next time.