James Woods Hilariously Roasts Hillary Clinton After She Begs Americans For Money

Conservative actor and Twitter user extraordinaire James Woods tore into failed 2016 Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton last week after she took to social media asking her followers for money.

In a string of tweets just before the Christmas holiday weekend, Clinton promoted her organization Onward Together along with six other groups. Naturally, she also used the opportunity to ask her supporters for more of their money.

Not one to let an opportunity to troll the former secretary of state pass him by, Woods replied to Clinton only as he can — and it was awesome.

“Onward Together is ending 2017 by supporting six more incredible organizations fighting to protect voting rights and to make it easier for young, diverse candidates to get on the ballot and get elected,” Clinton wrote.

Clinton has never been shy about asking Americans for money — even days before Christmas.

Woods suggested the former secretary of state turn her attention elsewhere.

“Shouldn’t you be packing for Argentina?” Woods replied.


No one can tweet like Woods. He regularly roasts liberals with zingers of truth in his no-holds-barred style, comparable only to President Donald Trump.