Just In: Ungrateful Basketball Player LiAngelo Ball Claims UCLA Forced Him to Thank Trump After China Incident

The UCLA basketball player who was caught shoplifting in China and had his butt bailed out of jail by President Donald Trump seems to have forgotten just how much trouble our POTUS saved him from. LiAngelo Ball is claiming that he was ordered to “thank President Trump” by UCLA school officials. He also stated that he would have never shown any kind of gratitude towards our Commander in Chief if his school had not “ordered” him to.

LiAngelo Ball, along with two other UCLA college basketball players were taken into custody and detained by Chinese police after they were caught shoplifting. They were released following President Trump’s intervention to help the boys. When the three basketball players arrived back in the United States, they thanked President Trump for making sure they were set free.

Ball is now claiming that his gratitude towards Trump was less than genuine. He told sports website, ForTheWin, that he was ordered to thank President Trump after he mentioned the international issue with China on social media.

LiAngelo claimed, “They wanted to hear that, and he tweeted about it before my speech so I had to add it in there right before I gave it.”

The ungrateful youngster then stated, “My school wanted to hear it too. Before I went up there, it’s like, ‘You gotta thank him.’ I just threw him in there real quick before I gave my speech. If they didn’t want me to do it. If they didn’t tell me to do it, it wouldn’t have been in there, to be honest.”

LaVar Ball, LiAngelo’s father, had people all around the United States talking last month when he refused to thank President Trump for aiding in the release of his son from Chinese police during a rather strange interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

Ball questioned, “What did Trump ever do to help me?” 

I’ll tell you what Trump did. He made it possible for this young man who made a big mistake to get a second shot. If that isn’t something to be thankful for, then I don’t know what is. It seems like Trump should have let LiAngelo Ball sit in Chinese jail. This guy should be extremely thankful to President Trump for saving his butt after getting arrested in China.