In Midst of Iran Protests Nikki Haley Shows Up to UN, Immediately Says What We’re All Thinking

United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has made it clear that she isn’t afraid to slam the Obama administration for all of their wrongdoings during their time in charge. She was clear about how she felt when it came to their dangerous policy over Iran, and it didn’t take her much time to support the protesters in Iran who are looking for democratic reforms.

In Haley’s January 2 address to the United Nations, she didn’t have any qualms about expressing the United States’ support for the protesters in Iran. She also didn’t allow the Obama administration to get off lightly for their support of the oppressive Mullahs.

Haley called attention to the “dozens” who have “already been killed” by the Iranian regime. She went on to talk about the failed Green Revolution which former President Barack Obama did absolutely nothing to help in 2009.

The Green Revolution saw millions of Iranian youth gather to protest around the entire country in order to demand that the theocratic Islamic rulers loosen the reigns. These protests were very similar to the protests that we are now seeing.

During the time of the Green Revolution, the protesters prayed for the United States President, Barack Obama, to endorse them and support them. Obama did not support them publicly, however. He felt that it was more appropriate to throw them in with the Mullahs who decided to murder hundreds of protesters and throw thousands more into jail. They tortured an unthinkable amount of Iranians who tried to speak out against the regime.

Nikki Haley made a vow that the United States would not act in the same fashion that the Obama administration had.

She explained to the United Nations, “We must not be silent. The people of Iran are crying out for freedom. All freedom loving people must stand with their cause.”

“The international community made the mistake of failing to do that in 2009. We must not make that mistake again,” she went on.

President Donald Trump has been very open about his criticism of the Iranian government since he began his run for president. He was a big critic of the way Barack Obama and his administration handled things as well as Obama’s lenient policies toward Iran. Haley went on to say that “nowhere is the urgency of peace, security, and freedom being more tested than in Iran.” She continued, “citizens are taking to the streets to protest the oppression of their own government.”

She continued on to praise the “bravery of the Iranian people.”