PieGate: Sarah Sanders Cooks Up a Piping Hot Dish of Revenge for April Ryan

This past Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders decided to put a final end to a story that was spread by April Ryan. Ryan questioned whether Sanders baked her own pecan pie for Thanksgiving while tweeting photos of her in the process of baking. The spat started when Sanders tweeted what looked like a perfect pie against a solid white background.

As ridiculous as it sounds, CNN contributor April Ryan, who has had a pretty interesting relationship with questionable things in the past involving the White House, decided to suggest that Sanders hadn’t made the pie herself or that it was possibly a stock photo. Ryan also demanded that Sanders show the pie on the table with her family eating it… how ridiculous.

By the time that Ryan tweeted her challenge, the pie was obviously long gone. Sanders agreed to bake another pie and bring it to Ryan. Ryan responded to the gesture by saying that she wouldn’t be eating it because the White House doesn’t like the press corps. This statement implied that Sanders might do something to the pie such as poisoning it.

Sanders decided to take a different route and use the opportunity to tweet her pie baking skills in a step by step tutorial on Wednesday. She wrote little notes to Ryan in the process of baking the pie.

“It’s pie time! With or without bourbon @AprilDRyan? #piegate,” Sanders tweeted along with a photo of her ingredients laid out.

The pecans were from a colleague.

Sanders mixed up the pie and showed it going into the oven questioned in Ryan needed “further documentation.”

The results of her baking looked a lot like the original Thanksgiving pie.

Sanders explained that her intent was to share the pies with the White House Press Corps for Christmas. Of course, Ryan responded to Sanders’s tweets.

And then today, anticipating the pies.

From Daily Caller:

Ending her press briefing Thursday, Sanders stopped at the podium and pointed directly at Ryan and said, “I just want to say thanks, have a good week, and April, I am looking forward to having some pie with you momentarily.”

Sanders was then spotted in the White House press area delivering pies to various correspondents, including Ryan.

Now it’s time to eat those delicious pies!

Ryan says that Sanders (who is from the South) should know better than to question a Southern woman’s cooking.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders trolls with serious style. April Ryan might want to shut her mouth next time before she decides to open the floodgates into a quarrel on desserts.